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Our loch is at the heart of our wildlife efforts here.     The largest of several ponds which we inherited or have created, especially for your pleasure during your holidays at Williamwood Farm. The large loch was dug out at the start of 2009 and every year it matures that little bit more. It’s a “must-see” part of the farm, however short your stay with us, whatever the time of year

 In summer it is  spectacular.       Wildflowers, swallows, goldfinches and dragonflies can be seen in huge numbers.       Be sure to take the gate into the summer meadow.       Orchids and the rare “Twae Blade Orchid” turn the grassland purple .       Nesting woodcock, snipe, lapwings oyster catchers and curlew add to the atmosphere of the loch.       The distinctive “peewit” call from the lapwing as they protect their chicks, and the shrill “whaap” of the curlew.

Wildflower meadow

Springtime is when the loch turns into a hive of activity.       Nesting season sees large broods of  mallard ducklings, teal, wigeon and geese.       Lapwings endangered in Scotland nest in and around the loch.      All of which hatch-out from the special floating nest platforms we put out for them.

Nesting Basket

    Autumn, sees the return of the sheep to graze off the excess vegetation so that everything gets off to a good clean start again in the spring.

 In winter, it’s home to a number of wild ducks and geese which come for the extra feeding we put out for them.Our resident buzzards and owls can better see their they prepare for the long winter ahead.

Otters make regular visits to the loch as do roe deer, who swin the loch to the little islands for fresh grass.

There are a couple of hides specially positioned for you to sit and watch the many wading birds who frequent the loch, and if you are into photography this is the place to be.


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