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The loch is at the heart of our wildlife efforts here and the largest of several ponds which we inherited or have created, especially for your pleasure during family holidays at Williamwood Farm. We had it dug out at the start of 2009 and every year it matures that little bit more. It’s a “must-see” part of the farm, however short your stay with us and whatever the time of year. In summer, it’s spectacular, with its wildflowers, swallows, goldfinches and dragonflies. In winter, it’s home to a number of wild ducks and geese which come for the extra feeding we put out for them. In spring, it’s home to a number of broods of mallard ducklings, which hatch-out from the special floating nest platforms we put out for them; and in the autumn, we use the sheep to graze off the excess vegetation so that everything gets off to a good clean start again in the spring and so that our resident buzzards and owls can better see their supper as they prepare for the long winter ahead.

Every year, our local otter swings by to see what he can catch. He obviously hasn’t read the script, which says that the fish are reserved for our fishing guests! Seriously though, we don’t begrudge him a few, especially if he puts in an appearance while you’re here on your family holidays, but sometimes he doesn’t seem to know when to stop which, coupled with the weed growth (which we do try and cut back every year), can make for frustrating fishing so we have decided to let him rule the roost. Most of our guests are nevertheless happy to take a row in the boat and just see what they can see.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can grab the oars and the rowing boat from the jetty and simply row around the loch as you take in the beauty of Nature; or you can relax on the lochside seat or in the bird-watching hide-whichever takes your fancy!


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